In Other news episode 3

Situatie tensionata intr-o localitate din judetul Dolj dupa ce o batrana decedata a fost ingropata in mijlocul unui camp, desi avea loc de veci cumparat in cimitirul din comuna. Preotul ar fi refuzat sa o inmormanteze acolo, pe motiv ca renuntase la religia cu care fusese invatata, si o luase complet pe aratura in cel mai depravant mod posibil : se aciuase cu baptistii !

O echipa de reporteri incepatori, trimisa sa investigheze cazul, s-a intors la Bucuresti cu camera sparta si cu suturi in fund de la preotul comunei. Acesta, invatat bine de parintele lui spiritual, patriarhul Daniel, a refuzat initial cu stoicism toate incercarile reporterilor de a il face sa vorbeasca declarand, citam : “Stiti cum e in ziua de azi, totul se plateste… nu discutam nimic. Daca vreti reportajul, v-am spus dorinta mea : tot ce aveti asupra voastra, plus 1000 de euro. ” incheiem citatul. Dupa ce au primit toti banii pusi deoparte in redactie pentru zile negre ( a se citi spagi ), reporterii s-au deplasat din nou la locul investigatiei, si au furnizat preotului suma avuta ( plus telefoanele, ceasurile si toate bijuteriile avute asupra lor ), in schimbul unor declaratii.

Din pacate aceste declaratii nu au mai ajuns inapoi la redactie, iar cei doi reporteri au fost declarati disparuti doua zile mai tarziu. Politia nu a mai gasit urmele celor doi reporteri, in schimb a reusit sa descopere, langa locul de veci al batranei, un mic carnetel pe care erau scrise urmatoarele :

“Declaratia primarului comunei : Mi-am dat acceptul pentru asta si i-am spus fiului sa faca rost de avizele necesare. Ce era sa faca cu moarta, domnisoara, ca desi e iarna, tot se impute repede casa!”


In alte stiri, patriarhul Daniel s-a declarat foarte multumit de legea antifumat, constatand cu claritate, citam : “e o idee foarte buna. Banii tinerilor nu se vor mai risipi pe tentatii efemere, cum ar fi tigarile. Insa, ca sa poata fi iertati complet de Dumnezeu, trebuie sa cotizeze cu banii care i-ar fi dat pe tigari catre Biserica. Acceptam si cartuse de Kent, dar nu mai vechi de 2 ani.” incheiem citatul.


In Other News episode 2

Surpriza la Constanta, unde 7000 de crestini care au asistat la slujba de Boboteaza au luat cu ei acasa 150000 de sticle de aghiasma. Practic toate. Depasirea estimarilor nevoilor de aghiasma ale credinciosilor inseamna si pierderea unui potential profit de catre Arhiepiscopul Tomisului, Înaltpreasfinţia sa Teodosie . Acesta va fi probabil mustruluit de parintele lui spiritual, Daniel, care are, dupa randuiala bisericeasca, un procent din profitul oricarui subaltern.

Dupa slujba, credincioşii au coborât până pe faleza Cazinoului, unde Teodosie, a “sfinţit apele”. Zeci de credincioşi s-au aruncat in apa dupa crucile aruncate in scarba de Teodosie, unii dintre ei în speranţa că vor avea un an mai bun, iar altii in speranta ca vor face furori cu burtile lor “lucrate” bine de sarbatori printre babutele mai “tinerele” prezente la show.

Intregul circ s-a terminat brusc, dupa ce printre babute s-a raspandit zvonul ca ar mai fi ramas cateva sticle de aghiasma la Arhiepiscopie. In acelasi timp, atentia tuturor barbatilor s-a redirectionat catre 3 domnisoare care erau in trecere, imbracate relativ sumar luand in considerare gerul de afara.


In alte stiri, intrebat de ce credincioșii nu au răbdare, deși an de an este adusa apă sfințită pentru toți, Mitropolitul Ardealului, Laurentiu Streza, a declarat, citam: „Este o lucrare pe care nu o putem noi stăpâni. Unii ar numi-o a Diavolului, nu pot sa spun sigur. Există și o râvnă, dar mai există și o nevoie, a noastra. De Bani. E bine să avem râvnă, sa vindem cat mai multa aghiasma, pentru că in împărăția cerului, spune Scriptura, se ajunge pe Bani.”, incheiem citatul.

Jandarmii prezenți la slujba au făcut față cu greu mulțimii avidă de Agheasmă Mare, dar pana la urma s-au descurcat, pazand cu stoicism butoaiele cu apa sfintita in fata cotropitorilor si vinzind pe sub mana, la jumatate de pret, aghiasma semi-sfintita, facuta dupa retete proprii.


The last step

The best cleansing experience of my life took place on a small couch, with her by my side. We talked in a way we never ever did before. I finally told her what I wanted to say all these years. I think she understood.

True love never dies, and only now, as I’m writing this post, I finally realized I loved her. True love doesnt die. If things dont work out, it remains in a latent state, waiting to be activated, but It never dies.

Reactivating my (human) love for her is an unlikely proposition, because of the incompatibilities in priorities and general differences in our frames of mind. People change and things can happen so we never know. But for now, I’m going to ‘limit’ myself to love her unconditionally.

2015 In music

2015 was a very difficult year for me personally, and the music was sometimes hard to harvest, due to the lack of time, and the changes that happened to the radio station I use as primary source of new music.  Zane Lowe left BBC Radio 1 for Apple’s Beats radio and that hindered my music scraping in a big way, since I have no (free) access to his new show. Zane’s slot at BBC was replaced by Annie Mac, which meant airing more Biebs, Rei-Rei or rap and RnB in general. This also meant less rock, and more electronic music, which I dont necessarily mind as a change, for now at least. Oh yeah, it also definitely influenced my top 10 list..

Neverheless, I will try to explain why I chose each song, with a bit of story behind it.

At number 10 comes in Raury with ‘Friends’, an up and coming rapper, which I discovered last year with his debut mixtape ‘Indigo child’ and its masterpiece track ‘God’s Whisper’. Raury delivered again this year with a great debut  album. Its lead single ‘Friends’ was a collaboration with Tom Morello, from Rage Against The Machine. The result : an upbeat, catchy, feel-good rap-rock fusion, summer song which is a must listen on your holidays.

At 9 its Luke Sital Singh, with ‘Still’.  No other track felt so mellow, melancholic and nostalgic. I often found myself in those states, so this track was a good excuse to not try to escape them 🙂

At number 8, George the Poet delivered in ‘Search Party’  one of the more influential rap/spoken word fusion songs I’ve ever heard. Its lyrics are very inspiring, motivating and easy to relate to, even tough they are directed to the african american community.

At 7, somewhere in February, Courtney Barnett blew away my headphones with her incredibly witty lyrics, powerfull riffs and ridicously catchy chorus. I came back to ‘Pedestrian at best’ consistently and it felt right doing it. The video is a must watch.

Number 6 is Miguel with ‘Coffee’. Tune to have the most passionate sex in your whole life. No joke. I dont (yet) have a “get-down-and-dirty” playlist composed, but when I do, this song will definitely feature on it. The music is incredibly sensual and the voice and lyrics melt in a heat that keeps rising.

Anna Lunoe is a Aussie up and coming DJ that holds a slot at the Beats station. I’ve listened to quite a bit of her sets and its kinda obvious the ammount of talent that she has. With ‘All out’, number 5 on this list, she produced a dance track that is light, melodic but with spicy twists here and there in the lyrics.

Just outside of the top 3, is the Duke, with ‘Ocean Drive’. I must admit this was probably the only song on this top 10 which grew on me. The first couple of listens I didnt even notice it, then I put it on my MP3 ( thinking that it might grow on me in time). The result : 4 months later, I freaking love it. Its the kind of tune that you can sing out loud over and over again, and not get bored of it at all.

Third place in my 2015 list belongs to Tame Impala, with ‘Cause Im a Man’. I strongly considered putting it at number 1 or 2, basically any of the top 3 songs could have been a deserving #1. Tame Impala released ‘Currents’, one of the best albums of 2015 in my opinion. Psychedelic Rock is the best way to describe it but its overall complexity is delicious. Reminded me a lot of MGMT, and their now classic ‘Oracular Spectacular’, in the chord progressions, beats, song structures and lyric content. I could not find one weak spot on that entire album. ‘Let it happen’ is another great song which I recommend listening to.

At number 2, just missing out on consecutive years of glory is Grimes. The canadian born electronic music producer delivered this autumn one of the most acclaimed albums of the year: ‘Art Angels’. She was responsible for every little detail on that album, from producing the music itself, vocals, music videos, and even the art work. Of course I devoured that albums to pieces in the last 2 months. There were manny standouts for me , ‘Kill V Maim’ and ‘World Princess part II’ in particular, but the song ‘Realiti’ makes this list, because it came out in April and I had more time to fell in love with it I guess :). I expect at least one of the singles she will release next year from the album to make the 2016 top of the list. PS: ‘Flesh Without Blood’, the single that was released along with the album, has a crazy good video ( my favorite of the year ) and also made my top 20.


Which brings me to my number one song of 2015. Or how I like to call it ” How the hell did this song get here & I’m probably gonna be mad 10 years from now for putting it number one.”

Drake, with ‘6PM in New York’. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought 2 or 3 years ago that a rap song will be my favorite in any given year. Especially not from Drake, an over-hyped artist with a lot of talent but also a lot of people backing him . But this song just hit me completely in the head when it came out. I just couldnt believe the catchiness, the beat, the witty lyrics, the tempo, everything fell into place perfectly. I even remember Zane playing it twice in a row the first time he played it. Its that kind of song I simply could not let go, just coming back to it obsesively for a very long time ( up until Hotline Bling reached mainstream I guess) . It also features the best rap lyric I heard in a very very long time : “I know your girl well, just not in public” 🙂


Best Songs

1. DRAKE 6 PM in New York


Couple other standouts:

Live Music

Anathema’s concert at Artmania, in Sibiu, was majestic. I immediately fell into a  2 month, almost daily listening of ‘Weather Systems’, and Im only scratching the surface, I have a lot more Anathema listening to do…

Summer Well meant first time hearing live sets from Foals, Kasabian, La Roux and Foxes, and Electric City meant a crazy 90 minute , double header set from Chase and Status, along with some mellow Waldeck and Akua Naru.

And Then there was Lamb. I wrote an entire blog post about that concert, which I will never ever forget, in all its details.

Other : Guilty Pleasure of the Year was Fifth Harmony with Worth it ( not because of the music video 😛 ). My favorite new indie act was Made in Heights, sort of upbeat version of Shura. My favorite dance anthem was Lean on. Really happy that kind of pop music is taking radio time from Bieber. 😀 My favorite romanian song was Lidia Buble with ‘Le-am spus si fetelor’.

And finally, going into 2016, my best bet is on Alessia Cara. A 19 year old Canadian singer song writer, which I figure will make a splash next year.

Best Album
Best Male
Best Female
Best Band
Best Live
ANATHEMA @ ARTMANIA & Lamb @ Cluj Arena
Best Indie
Dance Anthem
Best Video
Best Rock
Best New Act
Guilty Pleasure
Sound of 2016
Best Romanian


In Other News

Aflat in vizita de lucru la Jilava, unde a sfintit capela penitenciarului si a facut o binemeritata baie de multime, patriarhul Daniel a afirmat cu privire la decizia guvernului de astazi in legatura cu finantarea BOR, citam:

“Deci, noi nu avem nevoie să stăm cu mâna întinsă la stat, dar vrem ca statul să ne dea înapoi ce a luat ca fiind donaţii date bisericii”

Intrebat daca nu i se pare ca s-a contrazis singur, si ce doreste sa le transmita celor care spun că BOR poate sa fie Moş Nicolae pentru bugetul de stat, Daniel a comunicat :
“Nicolae e Mos pentru bugetul nostru, vom introduce tarife speciale pentru utilizarea numelor “Nicolae” si “Nicoleta” in cadrul botezurilor pe care le vom face incepand de anul viitor”
De asemenea, patriarhul a tinut sa precizeze ca BOR va introduce majorari de tarife pentru iertarile a peste jumatate din pacatele existente, spre stupefactia celor prezenti la sfintirea capelei penitenciarului.
Majorarile sunt aplicabile incepand de la 1 ianuarie 2016 si nu pot depasi 30% din suma totala a donatiilor facute in anul anterior de catre fiecare enorias.

In alte stiri, Arhiepiscopul Teodosie al Tomisului este supărat pe presă după ce toată ţara a văzut hainele opulente în care s-a afisat la parada de 1 Decembrie.
Aflat la muzeul de istorie din Constanta, unde a dorit sa isi compare tinutele cu cele ale marilor imparati francezi, Teodosie a declarat, citam :
“Mai am si altele in dulap acasa, unele chiar si mai mari si frumoase. Nici măcar nu am plătit eu pentru ele, le-am primit cadou si mi-am refacut garderoba luna trecuta, pentru sezonul de iarna.
Astfel de veşminte au fost purtate şi de Iisus Hristos, deci cei care ma critică au mintea tulbure. Si, daca pot sa ghicesc, un prost simt vestimentar”,
incheiem citatul.

Things are happening

Amidst the tragedy that occurred last Friday in the Colectiv club in Bucharest, things are changing..

Romania’s PM has resigned ( albeit for political reasons more than the social pressure, in my estimations ). Moreover, Romanians have ( again ) taken to the streets of all the major cities and demanded the “heads” of all the corrupt politicians. This happens year after year when the autumn is in full force, partially because the electoral cycles usually occur in October/November but more importantly because of the colective consciousness that is still freshly incarnated in all romanians, after the revolution in 1989. People then literally gave their lives for freedom and against the System. Those are now the models that their children follow. We are a full generation away from 1989 and many things have changed, but the social war between socialist-populist driven politicians and the population is far from over.

And then there’s the church and the religious powers. I am shocked at the amount of backlash on “both” sides : either against the church ( headed by the little human monster also know as patriarch Daniel ) or against the actual victims ( crazy, right ? ) who were accused of getting what they deserved after worshiping Satan during that rock concert.

OK, the romanian church may be despicable ( at best ) it’s leaders greedy bastards and their rethoric medieval … but for Heaven’s sake ( see what I did there : ) ) dont give them more ammo. Opposing resistance to such “creatures” only makes the whole picture even more muddier. You might think that contradicting forces are neccessary because otherwise less bright people would actually believe the atrocitiies said by the religious leaders, but its not entirely the case, as I will explain below.

There is at least one verifiable force that would give anyone more pleasure than intellectual reasoning:it’s called love. When someone asks you : “What am I doing here?”, “what is my purpose in this life?” , just hug them immediately. You dont have to say anything, just give as much love as you can to that person, since asking those types of questions is just a replacement for some hole he or she must have in their hearts. Do this with anyone asking for help, religious or not. Look at religiozity as a choice made by some people to live their lives in their knees. They might not know what standing up is, but your mission is not to try to convince them that standing up hurts less, gives more opportunities, and gives a better view of the world. Your mission is to ask them if you can kneel next to them to pray alongside ( even if you dont know exactly how ) so that you share that bond together.

I am not at all ashamed that I have not participated at the protests from last night, and probably will not do so in the days to come. People know what to do, and I dont feel my presence is needed in such a place, where things are already going according to my intentions. I have other, even greater agendas to complete, and time is not at all an easy resource to manage.

You probably know by now that all this social and religious national turmoil described above is not the main motivation behind this post.

It’s something else… Something was said. It was very strange because of the peculiarity of the language and its  misconstrueable nature among the overall message. I only found that missing piece today, I was waiting for such a trigger in order to have the complete picture to paint.

And there it was. During a live report from the protests in Bucharest last night, the TV correspondent took an interview with a 26-year old woman. This Woman really looked as average as they come, absolutely nothing stood out from the outside.

However, when she started talking, she said ( among other things) she had a friend that was mourning a loved one, that Ponta’s resignation is not enough, and that other things must also change. Being asked what those things were, she enumerated the things she wants to be more present in the colective consciousness : compassion, selflessness and unconditional love.

And there you have it. The most average person in Romania’s 2015 A.D. wants unconditional love. I MEAN FREAKING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! I was seriously doing backflips and sommersaults in my heart of all the joy.

Because I know that once unconditional love finds a crack, nothing can stop it. It will take some time, and efforts from many of the countries’ greatest minds and beings, but the permanent change is inevitable.

Those poor souls started something which given the right circumstances, will not be stopped, and they will be remembered not only as heroes, but as catalysts of one of the most impressive changes a nation was ever a part of.

The question that remains to be answered : Was this sacrifice necessary for the colective counciousness to take the decisive step further? Unfortunately, it was. The result is worth the sacrifice, but the agony and dispair of the way those people who died in the fire and of those who were left behind is tremendous. The only good part of any human tragedy is that it allows the possiblity of change, and any such possibility can lead to the ultimate change, the one that brings Unconditional ( Infinite ) Love and the final realization that everything else is an illusion ( as David Icke perfectly said )

We are not that far away from that final realization and things are constantly changing towards that inevitable outcome

Playlist October 2015

Bring me the Horizon – True Friends

Halsey – Hurricane

Halsey – New Americana

Disclosure – Magnets

The Weeknd – Dark Times

Petite Meller – Barbaric

Mabel – Know me better

Raury – Forbidden Knowledge

Empress Of – Water Water

Mura Masa ft. Shura – Love for that

Rudimental – Lay it all on me